Choose a Company with a Vision


Modern. Personal. Professional.

Owner Anthony Slominski designs and installs unique hardscapes and landscapes in the Western New York area. With over thirty years of experience in the green industry, he is respected by his peers and lauded by his customers. Offering a unique personal style with his full assurances behind every design and installation, Anthony creates original environments ranging from formal to eclectic.



Landscape Design

Let us transform your property into a space that will be beautiful, useful and relaxing for more months out of the year. You can have seasonal interest designed into each area of your yard, while relying on hardy shrubs, trees and perennials for the lowest maintenance landscape possible.

Hardscape Design

If you've been dreaming of a new patio, walkway or retaining wall, LandVision installs the widest range of high-quality natural and manufactured products suitable for any project. With a professional installation and warranty, you can be assured the highest quality work in the region.